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Spanish Dual Language Program

The program is a split day model, 50% Spanish and 50% English – (mornings all Spanish and afternoons all English) or vice versa. The teachers maintain the target language following the 50/50 model and “switch” at half day. There will be a thematic connection across the Spanish and English portions of the curriculum, with intentional planning about what will be done in which language. Other defining characteristics for successful dual language preschool programs include: 

  • Young children’s choice of language is allowed so they can express themselves
  • Children’s “code-switching” is not a problem.
  • A language based environment that is fun and developmentally appropriate for very young children.
  • Thematically related but different material is covered in each language
  • Scaffolding comprehension, use of visuals and movement to support comprehension.
  • Positive climate/culture affirming the value of bilingualism and celebrating children’s developing skills.
  • Parents are encouraged about the importance of developing the home language, using their strongest language with their children, actively engaging in supporting home language development through talking, storytelling, singing, asking questions and eliciting their.